Wall of Success
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Ken’s Wall of Success

The Faery Tale Adventure - Commodore 64 / 128

Jack Nicklaus Golf - C64 / C64C / 128

Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston - Nintendo

Boxing Legends of the Ring - Sega Genesis

Tecmo Super NBA Basketball - Sega Genesis

Hardball 95 - Sega Genesis

Joint Force Employment - PC

Rogue States - PC

Joint Doctrine On-Line Game - PC

Paintball Alley - PC

Battle Cards ‘WAR’- PC

Prism - Mobile Phones

Marvel Heroes - Hyper-Scan

Dance Sensation - Wii

Steel Cage Challenge - Nintendo

Super Wrestle Mania - Sega Genesis

Day DreaminDavey - Nintendo

Chavez Boxing - Sega Genesis

The Punisher - Sega Genesis

Legacy of Kain - PC

Real War - PC

Guard Force - PC

Tony Hawk 4 - Tapwave/Zodiac

Bokke/Flush & Run - PC

Quake Mobile - Dell Axim

Ben 10 - Hyper-Scan

Joint Force Employment II Prototype - PC

During his over 20 year career Ken has also been involved in consulting and development on many other projects such as ‘Robin Hood(Nintendo)’ and ‘Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver(PC)’ . Ken has developed tools to aid in the development process and finishing of many games. Some of these tools include: 2D and 3D character,terrain and effects tools, Particle systems, and sound engines for PC and console systems, sound tools for Midi and tools for digital sampling Adpcm - .wav, .AIF and various other formats.

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