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Grudge Match Ca$hball

Cashball Trouble Shooting and Tips

What Version Should I get:

Version 4.0 is the smallest download for first time users. Version 5.8 includes avatars but the avatars are only available to subscription users. You will need to install version 5.8 update or get a new full version 5.8 for the automatic server locator to work.

Live Chat Mode:

Once you have version 5.1 or higher you can experience live audio chat with your friends or team mates. You will need a microphone and a sound card that has full duplex capabilities. Simply place the team mate or friend on private chat by selecting their name from the player list in the main player lobby. A green ball will appear. If your team mate or friend also has you on private chat then a red ball will also appear. This means that the live audio chat between both parties is enabled. If there is no red ball next to a player name that indicates that, that player will not be able to hear you. Both players need to have each other selected for private chat in order to enable the live chat experience. Set up you team for live audio chat by having each of the team members enable private chat with all the other members of the team.


Updates will generally be available as self extracting ZIP files. Users will need to unzip the files into the folder that has their current cashball.exe file. This is typically going to be “C:\Program Files\Bear Naked Productions\Grudge Match Cashball”.

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