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System Requirements:

  • MS Windows NT 4.0/XP/Vista
  • MS Visual C/C++
  • Direct X 8.0 or higher
  • Libraries and Code compatible for PCs using MS Windows NT 4.0/XP/Vista and Direct X and 3D hardware.
  • 3D Max 4.0 or higher for 3D graphic development.

 The download comes with toolset, libraries and sample code and rudimentary graphics assets to get you started developing a PC application. You can use and evaluate the product for 30 days. A single user unlimited AS IS license can be purchased for $1500. The $1500 license allows you to develop and distribute PC applications using the toolset, libraries and sample code included with the download.

The $1500 license includes support limited to e-mail QA at BNP’s discretion. And does not include automatic license to updates.

For more robust licenses which can include tech support, custom library changes, or open source to libraries contact

Product Notes:

  • 3D assets are imported from 3D Max ASE files.
  • 2D images are 24 bit or 32 bit .TGA.
  • Texturing supports .TGA or .JPG files. .TGA is the native mode.
  • 3D animations must be done using bipeds, bones or vertici movements.
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