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Grudge Match Ca$hball

Cashball Information

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System Requirements:

PC compatible 800 mhz Processor or higher.

3D Graphics compatible to Direct3D with 16 mg or more of video ram.

DirectX 8.0 or higher.

128 mg. System Ram.

Once you have downloaded “Grudge Match Cashball Paintball Alley Version 5.8” you will have access to 3 of the 12 Levels in the “Practice” portion of the game. This is an exercise for building skill levels and learning the controls before entering into “Live Tournaments”.

Also available upon download are 3 FREE Tournament Rooms to try out before you purchase a Subscription! These rooms are on-line against other players.

When you are ready to play a Live Tournament, on-line against other players, go to “New Account” on the Main Menu and set up your user account. Once your account is set up and you have your password you may “Purchase Subscription” and “Add Purchases” to your account or log on-line and try out the FREE Rooms.

By purchasing either a $5.00 Monthly Subscription or a $25.00 Yearly Subscription you will have access to all 12 Levels of Practice and all Live Tournaments.

Except for the FREE Tournament Rooms, all other Tournament Rooms require you to Purchase a Subscription.

A $5.00 Monthly Subscription allows you 30 Days of unlimited play! A $25.00 Yearly Subscription allows you one year of unlimited play!

In “Manage Account” you will see whether your Subscription is active or inactive. If your Subscription is active you will see how many days remain for the subscription you purchased. Wins and Losses are recorded in all Subscription Tournament Rooms but not in FREE Rooms.

Weapon upgrades take place automatically based on the number of wins you have as you play the Practice Levels as well as the Subscription Tournament Rooms.

Cash Tournaments are available to residents of CA, NV and others. Check your local laws before using the system.

You MUST fill in the address information on the ‘Manage Accounts’ screen before cash tournaments are activated.

$$$Click Here for more information on cash tournaments!$$$

Selecting the paint splat below will allow you to download the ‘Read Me’ file and the ‘E.U.L.A.’ for more information.


Read - Me File

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