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Grudge Match

This Paintball Tournament style game is an on-line game! Play 12 Levels of “Practice Mode”! Try out 3 FREE Tournament Rooms! Purchase a $5.00 Monthly Subscription and get unlimited play for 30 Days! Purchase a $25.00 Yearly Subscription and get unlimited play for One Year! OR Play in the $$Cash$$ Tournaments! For available areas, Check your local laws.


Welcome to the most unique paintball ‘tournament’ around!


“I’m IZZY!!!”

Click On Izzy to Get The Full Version 5.8 with automatic server locator NOW!


“I’m HAWK!!!”

Click On Hawk to See Cashball Screen Shots


“I’m CRISSY!!!”

Click On Crissy for information on system requirements.


“I’m NATE!!!”

Click On Nate for game information and trouble shooting tips.

New Cashball IP is: DYNAMIC

$$$Cash Tournaments!$$$

Click Here for more information!

Subscription Packages for unlimited play!

$5.00 / MONTH : $25.00 / YEAR

Click Here to Subscribe or Order a CD version of this product by mail.

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